It occurred to me the other day that a cross is a fairly conflict-representing thing, meant to remind Christians of all the conflict that went before, that someone did something bad to their saviour, and that they should keep on fighting.

A circle, however, seems to me to be more of a sign of do-good-to-your-neighbour, because it’s a sign of how the whole world is connected.

Some guys on the north island are shooting mama bears – in this season, when they have babies around. That just doesn’t seem like good karma for the circle if you ask me.

Last night I watched What The Bleep Do We Know? and I was glad I hadn’t gone to see it at the community centre when it was showing – it was somewhat tedious, however, packed with interesting ideas. Four half-hour TV shows would have been better (5, with commercials, I guess). But one of the ideas they touched on was the interconnectedness of everything, in fact, to a level most people don’t understand, because most people are busy ignoring anything they can’t see (and will get violently mad at you if you suggest it exists! Once I was in a Philosophy of Science seminar class at Waterloo University, and I suggested that things like ESP and ghosts would be sciences in the future, and the assembled career scientists went off their rockers! They really wanted to lynch me).